BROMWICK exists to provide a place for any man to get an epic watch that they can afford. Being from Birmingham, England and having a passion for city life, our company has found its purpose in helping men solve a pretty universal problem; luxury watches are too expensive!

On a trip to London, Steve Singh and his girlfriend stood in awe of the iconic Big Ben. Their passion for watches paired with the desire to do something meaningful for other people is what launched BROMWICK into existence. Men everywhere needed watches that gave them confidence and a sense of authority, but the industry didn’t make it possible. BROMWICK came to the rescue.

Our Watches Help Men Exude Confidence & Success For Less!

To Bridge The Gap Between Luxury and Affordability

It’s criminal that these watches are marked up at such high margins. You buy a watch for you! Not to profit the three businesses between you and the retail company. BROMWICK understands. It shouldn’t be so expensive or difficult to find a watch that gives you confidence and screams success. We realize that isn’t how this industry ought to work. So, we’ve made quality, luxurious watches affordable.

For years men were left with the agonizing decision; spend far too much for a watch they actually wanted or buy a watch in their price range that wasn’t up to their quality or aesthetic standards. Now, BROMWICK takes great pride in providing the best of both worlds to men across the globe!

BROMWICK, at its core, is a community of men who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, however big it may be.

No man is ever remembered for staying in line.

To End The Status Quo, and Forge a New Path

BROMWICK has got rid of the middlemen that jack up the price. The only reason other quality watches are so expensive is the chain of middlemen driving up the cost. So we’ve ditched them. It’s just you and BROMWICK. We’re in this to get you the watch you want and deserve, at the price that makes it all possible.

BROMWICK is ready to help men get their wrists’ in watches that give them confidence. The future is bright for BROMWICK, so long as the future is bright for men. Our goal is to provide as many men as possible with the absolute best watches at a price they can afford. It’s simple really, but it’s our passion and we are excited to deliver confidence and success to all men.

So let us get you into the perfect watch and together, let’s revolutionize the watch industry, one affordable, high quality watch at a time.