Men find inspiration in many places for many things. BROMWICK, as a company, is no different. The design, quality, and bold characteristics in each watch series is no accident. You’ll find that each and every watch comes to life with it’s own unique personality.

As we introduce our Tower Series of watches, we are excited to show you where it finds its inspiration.

BROMWICK hails from The United Kingdom. Many know that following the destruction of the Westminster Palace in 1834, the Houses of Parliament found its home beneath the breathtaking tower that is home to, Big Ben. From disaster came the strength and beauty of this world renowned clock.

World Class Quality

The Big Ben clock tower was designed with precision and world-class quality.

Since its construction, Big Ben has always inspired those in its presence. Through the rigors of the Second World War or the decades past, this clock has remained faithful to its purpose; skillfully, beautifully, and determined, it continues to tick. Not convinced of how impressive this is? Big Ben has rung out hourly through the reigns of six British monarchs. It’s consistency and reliability are impressive and hence a perfect inspiration for our flagship series.

Breathtaking Design

Today, BROMWICK is proud to design and construct the Tower Series with the same beauty and skill found in the historic clock. This series of classic timepieces is inspired by more than just the impressive quality of Big Ben, but also the design and skillfully crafted style. We have taken direct inspiration from Big Ben's inner dial and used this unique pattern in our Tower Series Watches as you can see in the image below. It’s no mystery how or why Big Ben has become the world’s most famous and spectacular clock tower. Not just in the design of the watches will you find these characteristics, but in the feeling you have wearing them.

Bold Characteristics

Inspired men of all nations will feel the power, determination, and success that is embodied in Big Ben, in The Tower Series.

I personally consider the Tower series to be the flagship series of the BROMWICK selection. Not only is it the most popular series we carry, but it’s inspiration and quality are exactly what we’d hoped would define BROMWICK.

Now, we understand that each Tower watch owner may not share our awe of the Big Ben clock. If you’ve never stood in awe of the tower, the intricate architecture, or the fullness of the bell’s sound, we don’t expect you to understand fully.

However, in each Tower series watch is a small piece of Big Ben’s majesty, and each wearer carries it with them

Many intentional design choices are included in the Tower series, including the watch face, the band options, and clock hands. However, each detail in the Tower watches are totally unique to this series.

I hope you’ve found the inspiration behind the Tower Series to be valuable and that you find your new watch to be as meaningful to you as the Big Ben clock is to the city of London.


Best Regards,

Steve Singh